You can choose the red door, or …

You can choose the red door, or …

You can choose the red door, or … well the other door doesn’t open. There really isn’t any choice if you want a real voice in Ottawa that represents the interests of the riding of Winnipeg Centre. So come on down to the Allan Wise Campaign Office at 828 Notre Dame Ave and meet Allan [...]

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In response to Winnipeg Free Press: “Big issues get short shrift”

Published in today’s Winnipeg Free Press, April 30, 2011, is an article by Mia Rabson titled Big issues get short shrift in campaign 2011. Allan Wise and the Liberal Party Campaign for Winnipeg Centre are talking about those so-called short shrifted “big issues.” This is because in the riding of Winnipeg Centre, the second-pooreset riding [...]

Challenging the record: NDP Pat Martin’s Report Card

Us volunteers here at the Allan Wise campaign HQ have examined Winnipeg Centre incumbent Pat Martin’s record in Parliament. How’d he do? We’ve put a power-point slide “Report Card” for you to flip through. Pat Martin’s Report Card We feel that a Member of Parliament who represents the second-poorest riding in Canada should work to [...]

Allan Wise’s message to Youth: don’t give up

“Your dreams will motivate you. Education will empower you; and your achievments will make your community and country proud.” Allan Wise, Liberal Party candidate for Winnipeg Centre. You have the power. Allan Wise lived through poverty as he worked through  is Universty degree. He knows it can be done, and his message to the youth [...]